1st Degree Reiki Training



As one of my 1st Degree Reiki students, you will have the option of going through training in a couple of ways.  I offer two weeks of distance Reiki training through an email course.  You will get one email a day with a short lesson about Reiki.  The emails include videos and files to teach you what you need to know.  All the information from the emails, including all videos and files, will also be available in a private Facebook Group with learning units.  Using the Facebook group, you can go through training at your own pace.  My course is offered on set dates with a maximum 8 students per class, ensuring that I always have enough time to give each student individual attention. 

During the two-week training period I will be available to my students by text, email, and Facebook Messenger.  I will also be available for phone calls, but request that you make arrangements with me beforehand so that I can be sure to be available to give you my full attention during the call.  I believe communication between the Reiki master and student is important and I insist on interaction from my students to be sure that they are clear on all the information they are getting.  To complete the course, you must communicate with me that you are ready by interacting with me about the lessons throughout the course.  You can learn all the fundamentals about Reiki from books and websites, but they lack the advantage that you get from having a Reiki master available to ask questions and learn from their experiences.  You may interact by replying to the emails or by commenting on the Facebook group unit posts. 

At the end of the course you will be asked to complete an online assessment of your knowledge of 1st Degree Reiki.  You will need to pass this assessment with at least an 86% before you receive your attunement.  This assessment can be taken as many times as needed. 

A Reiki Master should be a mentor to their students.  After you have completed the course, you will still have access to the Facebook group and will still be able to contact me via email and messenger.  I do not believe that the relationship between the master and student should end upon attunement.  I believe in being accessible to my students in case they have more questions come up or experiences they would like to share. 

If you feel drawn to this course, but are unable to afford it at this time, please contact me to discuss hardship discounts.  It is my intent to raise the vibrations of the collective by sharing my spiritual gifts and I want to be able to help as many people as possible.  I don’t think anyone should be excluded from the benefits of Reiki due to the inability to pay.