Reiki Master, Tracie Eaves

Reiki Master, Tracie Eaves

My Reiki Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chijiro Hayashi
Mrs. Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishkuro
Arthur Robertson
Sharyn Roberts
DeVonna Simpkins
Michael Frazier
Dave Scarbrough
Tracie (Eaves) Talbott


About Tracie

Hello, thank you for visiting me. I am certified both as an Usui and Crystal Reiki Master. I specialize in Reiki and Crystal Energy Work, but also have experience and certificates in spiritual and life coaching. I offer guidance using a variety of methods and natural intuition.

I also enjoy writing and sharing what I have learned about Reiki, crystal healing, the energy body and other new age and metaphysical topics. I publish my articles here and am published on Reiki Rays. If you read any of my articles, I would love to hear your comments.

As a healer, my goal is to generate as much light and love and positive vibrations as possible to add to the quality of the interconnected web of all existence.

Certifications and Areas of Expertise

  • Usui Reiki Master Certification

  • Crystal Reiki Master Certification

  • Reiki Teacher Certification

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing

  • Certificate in Meditation

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Healing Affirmations

  • Angel Healing