Level 1 Reiki Kids Bundle

Reiki Kids

Reiki Kids

Everything You Need to Teach Kids Reiki

Because kids are so open to new experiences and more apt to believe in things they cannot see, they can really excel at Reiki.  Reiki has all the same benefits for children that it does for adults.  Reiki can help them learn to sooth and relax themselves and care for their own physical and emotional well-being. 

My children (ages 7 & 9) practice Reiki, but I found teaching it to them a little challenging.  For one thing, they were among my first students when I was a new Reiki Master with very little experience.  For another, there isn’t much material out there specifically for kids.  I was able to find a couple of books on Amazon and that was pretty much it.  I taught them the basics as well as I could and attuned them, but I just felt they hadn’t really learned as much as they could have. 

I decided to start with the outline for my 1st Degree Reiki Training Course and see how it could be simplified into a format that would be easier for them to grasp.  I ended up with several short books and activity sheets, and a few informational sheets, to help them better understand Reiki.  They really enjoyed it and it worked out so well, that I decided to make a version that I could share with other Reiki Master’s who want to attune their own or other children. 

What if you aren’t a Reiki Master, but would like to get your child attuned to Level 1 Reiki?  As long you are attuned to at least 1st Degree Reiki, you can teach your child Reiki with these tools.  I will be offering a special rate for Level 1 Reiki Kids’ Distance Attunements for practitioners who wish to teach their children, but are not at the Master Degree and able to attune them themselves. 

The Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle includes:

Reiki Kids Books

Reiki Kids Books

Reiki Kids Activities

Reiki Kids Activities

3 Infographics and 3 Poster Designs

3 Infographics and 3 Poster Designs

9 Activities

·         Create an Energy Ball

·         Get Grounded!

·         Lazy 8 Breathing

·         Your Busy Mind

·         A Jar of Blessings

·         21 Days of Self Reiki

·         Reiki Rocks

·         Reiki Rice

·         Pet Reiki

6 Short Children’s Books

·         What is Reiki?

·         Usui Reiki History

·         The Energy Body

·         The Reiki Principles

·         Healing with Reiki

·         What is an Attunement?

3 Information Sheets

·         Reiki Healing Reminders

·         Self-Healing Reiki Hand Placements

·         Healing Others Hand Placements


·         3 Reiki Principle Posters

·         Tips for Using the Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle

At this time the Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle is only available as a digital download.  The bundle comes in the form of a zipped file containing 16 PDF files and 6 PNG files.

Level 1 Reiki Kids Bundle
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