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What is a Reiki session like?


Before a session I will ask you to answer a few basic questions about how you are feeling.  I will ask you to relax, fully clothed for the session. You may lie down or sit, whichever you find more comfortable. I will silently thank Spirit and Master Usui for the gift of Reiki and invite any angels or guides I feel appropriate to join me in performing the session. If it is a distance session, I will meditate on your name and location and use Reiki symbols to establish an energetic connection with you.  I will then use a crystal pendulum to perform an energetic body scan. I place healing crystals (chosen especially for you based on your answers to my questions, the scan, and my intuition) on each of the seven major Chakra centers or on a crystal grid below my Reiki table. I use symbols and specific hand placements to channel Reiki to you to benefit your highest good. A full session takes about an hour. Afterward, I will give you detailed session notes with my impressions during the scan and energy session and information on the crystals used and their metaphysical properties.  I will also give you aftercare and follow up instructions.