Level 1 Reiki Kids Bundle

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Level 1 Reiki Kids Bundle

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Do you want to teach a child Reiki? With 6 easy to read children’s books, 9 activities, and 3 info-graphics this digital download bundle has all you need to teach Level 1 Reiki to children.

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The Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle includes:

6 Short Children’s Books

·         What is Reiki?

·         Usui Reiki History

·         The Energy Body

·         The Reiki Principles

·         Healing with Reiki

·         What is an Attunement?

9 Activities

·         Create an Energy Ball

·         Get Grounded!

·         Lazy 8 Breathing

·         Your Busy Mind

·         A Jar of Blessings

·         21 Days of Self Reiki

·         Reiki Rocks

·         Reiki Rice

·         Pet Reiki

3 Information Sheets

·         Reiki Healing Reminders

·         Self-Healing Reiki Hand Placements

·         Healing Others Hand Placements


·         3 Reiki Principle Posters

·         Tips for Using the Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle

At this time the Level 1 Reiki for Kids Bundle is only available as a digital download.  The bundle comes in the form of a zipped file containing 16 PDF files and 6 PNG files.