Reiki Box Blessings 

Using my Reiki Box, I send free distance healing to many people and situations at a time on a daily basis..jpg

A Reiki Box is simply a box used to send Reiki to multiple people or situations at once and from a distance.  Intentions for healing or sending positive energy to a person or situation are set by writing the names or situation down on paper and placing them in the box.  I add any Reiki symbols I feel are appropriate to the paper.  I may add other items to the box, such as pictures or drawings of the person or situation I wish to wish to send Reiki to.  I also keep a Quartz Crystal in the box and may add any other crystals I feel guided to include.  Once the box is prepared with the all written recipient information placed inside, I close the box, draw the Reiki symbols over it with my hand, saying the name of each out loud three times while drawing them, and then give hands on Reiki to the box daily.  

To receive FREE Reiki Box Blessings, please fill out the form below.  Your request will be added to my Reiki Box and sent distance Reiki for one week.  Multiple requests are accepted. Your information will be safe with me and will never be shared or sold. You will also receive special offers and get updates about new site content and services. 

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