Join Me in a Mission to Love

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We’re in the midst of a great war.  A war that we cannot win by fighting.  A war that calls us to love.  We are called to love in the face of our own fear and that of others.  For it is fear we are ultimately trying to overcome.  Fear that keeps us separated from each other.  Fear of our differences, but maybe even more so of what we may hold in common. 

We can not win this battle by returning hate to those who would make themselves our enemies.  We must win by breaking down the concepts of us and them and realizing that we are one.  We are all divine images of the One Source.  To hate one another is to hate ourselves.  To love one another is to love ourselves.  Love will be our salvation.  Love is the only answer. 

It can be tempting to turn from those who would spread their fear and hatefulness.  It is tempting to rebuke them and to return their hostility.  To judge them and wish the pain they inflict on others to fall back on them.  But this is not the way to win this war.  Giving in to that temptation strengthens the side of fear.  Gives more power to the hate. 

Rather than reacting with more fear and hatefulness, we must respond with love.  We must realize that everyone is doing the best they can for their level of consciousness.  We need to send out love and compassion to all those who are lacking it in their lives.  Hate consumes fear and depends on it the way that fire consume oxygen.  We must send so much love out into the world that there is no room for the fear that fans the flames of hatred.  Our love should be a blanket smothering the flames. 

I have been called to enlist in this war.  I feel it in my heart and in my soul.  I am meant to love fiercely and to lead others to do the same.  I send my love to you and to all the world.  I open my heart to all and let love radiate from me.  I have faith that the love I send out will raise the collective vibration and bring forth more love from others. 

Join me.  Join me in a commitment to be kind and compassionate, patient and loving.  Rather than fighting side by side in the traditional way of soldiers, stand by my side and love.  Be a soldier of love.  Start close to home and cultivate a greater love for yourself as part of the whole and for your loved ones and for your neighbors.  Let that love spread to your nation and planet and the whole world.  I am a soldier of love.  Join me. 

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