My Path to Reiki


A few years ago, I had never heard of Reiki.  I found it by pure chance.  The universe led me down the path to Reiki one seemingly unrelated step at a time.  When I look back at the journey, I'm so grateful for everything, the good and the bad that led me to this moment in time.  

I had two failed marriages and had been abused and taken advantage of.  I felt emotionally broken and lonely and I  made the horrendous, soul damaging mistake of becoming involved with a married man.  He had presented himself as single on a dating site and by the time I found out he was married I was already very smitten with him and ready to believe his promises that it was a marriage of convenience only and he was on his way out and she knew it.  A friend encouraged me, telling me about twin flames and her belief he could be mine.  The twin flame communities I joined also encouraged this relationship, telling me that it was a soul marriage, superior to his physical marriage, therefore absolving me of responsibility.  I was a foolish, damaged girl, who wanted so badly for it to all be true.  The truth has a way of catching up to you and giving you reality checks, though.  In this case it came in the form of his wife, finding us together.  The reality of her and my part in harming her hit me fast and hard and my own behavior broke my heart even more than he had.  I entered a long dark night of the soul.  

 In an attempt to regain my sanity and get my feet back underneath me, I had been watching several YouTube videos about co-dependence and narcissistic abuse to help myself better understand what I had been through in my relationships, how to heal from it and how to prevent myself from ever ending up in those situations again.  One day a woman named Kelly-Ann Maddox came up as a suggestion for someone I should watch.  Her videos about inner healing and shadow work made her a suggestion based on other things I had watched.  She happened to be a spiritual teacher of witchcraft and tarot cards.  My mother had a set of tarot cards when I was growing up and they had always fascinated me.  My interest was piqued.  I bought a deck and began learning from her and by reading books. 

 One day I was exploring online education services offered by my library.  I was surprised to find the class Tarot Cards 101.  I signed up  and when I completed the course I was given a list of the other classes that the instructor, Dave Scarbrough, offered.  Several Reiki classes were among them.  I read the description of the classes and again, my interest had been piqued.  I had always had an interest in energy and hands on healing and felt, for some reason, it was something I should be able to do.  I had been suffering from the extremely painful and uncomfortable symptoms of Fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety.  I decided to give this Reiki thing a shot and see if I could harness that energy I always felt was there and perhaps ease my symptoms and improve my quality of life.  It was definitely worth a shot. 

I started doing Reiki in hopes of alleviating the chronic pain I experienced from Fibromyalgia and the depression and anxiety I have lived with as long as I can remember. I was skeptical that such a power could be learned, especially by someone like me, but I felt moved to try.  At first I went through a detoxing process, purging negative energy.  Then I started to feel better.  Everything just seemed easier.  First I improved physically, then emotionally.  Not only was I able to stop taking pharmaceutical pain medications and stop daily mental health medications, I also found a spiritual calling. The more I practiced Reiki the better I felt in all areas of my life. I have added crystal healing to my practice and love the way the modalities work together. More than anything, I want to share the healing benefits of Reiki and crystals with others. I feel that it is my soul's purpose to share the gifts I've discovered.

 The twists and turns of life always and the way they lead us just where we are meant to go truly fascinate me.  Sometimes it takes hard and painful lessons to move us along in the right direction.  Thankfully, there are wonderful times that shape our lives, as well. I wonder what has led you to be with me in this  moment in your journey and where we will both end up.  Wherever it is, I know Reiki will be there with me.