Why Do I Still Feel Pain if Reiki is Working?

Just because Reiki does not always take away our aches and pains or prevent our illnesses, doesn’t mean it is not working and bringing healing to our lives.  When you look for evidence of Reiki’s benefits for you, don’t focus on what is still bothering you, but rather look for what is going right.  Maybe your back is still hurting, but you are able to sleep more soundly; or your migraine didn’t go away, but some old emotional wound that may have contributed to it is a little less painful and easier to accept.  Your body may not be perfectly restored, but your soul is healing. 

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Reiki, the Angels, and Our Guides

Many Reiki practitioners feel guided to other metaphysical studies, such as angel healing and spirit guides.  Either the studies led them to Reiki, or Reiki opened their interests to such things and drove them to want to learn and explore more.  They often incorporate what resonates with them into their lives and Reiki practice.  It seems to come naturally to many of us, one modality or belief system flowing into and with another. 

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A Brief History of Usui Reiki


                Much of the true history of Usui Reiki is still unknown in the West.  It was passed down without written documentation in an effort of preserve the sacredness of the practice.  There are many versions of the history of Reiki available online and in books.  First, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the verified history of Usui Reiki as I have learned it.  Then I’ll give you a brief summary of the history of Reiki as related by Master Takata.  I would love for you to read the detailed account of the history of Reiki by William Lee Rand.  It can be found at  https://www.reiki.org/faq/historyofreiki.html.  He gives the best researched history of Reiki I have been able to find.  In contrast to many other accounts, examples of Reiki practices that predated Usui are given mention. 

                Mikao Usui was the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system.  Usui was a Buddhist scholar born in 1865 that seemed to have dedicated his life to helping others.  He was a spiritual man and in 1922, when facing some personal and financial difficulties, he decided to go on a 21-day retreat on Mt. Kurama seeking spiritual awakening.  While meditating on the retreat he had a miraculous spiritual experience that gave him his ability to heal others and to pass this gift on to others through attunement and led him to create his style of Reiki.  He used this knowledge to establish the Usui Reiki Healing Society. Mikao Usui believed an important part of living a good and healthy life was following certain ethical principles.  Inspired by Emperor Meiji, Usui established the five principles, which I will discuss more later.  Usui is believed to have had thousands of students before his death in 1926, but only 16 of these reached the Master level. 

                After Usui’s death, one of his Master students, Chujiro Hayashi, became Usui’s successor and began his own Reiki society.  He simplified the Reiki healing process and created many detailed hand positions for treating various ailments.  He also simplified the attunement process.  In 1940 he committed suicide to keep from being forced to give intelligence and fight in WWII.  Before his death he asked Madam Takata, who he had trained and attuned, to be his successor.

                Hawayo Takata, a Japanese Hawaiian born in 1900, had become very ill and went to Japan for healing.  She was preparing to receive surgery when she believed she heard a voice telling her not to have the surgery and to find another way.  She asked the doctor about an alternative healthcare option and he sent her to Hayashi’s clinic where she was treated and became well.  She convinced him to teach her Reiki, though it was never meant to leave Japan.  She was eventually attuned to the Master Level.  Takata brought Reiki to the West and trained many people, attuning 22 Westerners to the Master Level.  From those 22 Masters, Reiki spread throughout the Western world.

                The story that has been passed down as Hawayo Takata’s teaching by the Masters who came after her has been found to be mostly fabrication.  As the story was told, it succeeded in gaining acceptance in the Western world and facilitating the growth of the healing system here. Had a more accurate account of the origin of Reiki been spread, it may never have expanded throughout the world the way it has. 

 The story that was passed down from Takata, and that was widely accepted until fairly recently, was that Usui was a Christian professor challenged by a student to find a way to heal as Jesus did.  In his efforts for find a healing system comparable to that of Jesus, Usui went on the 21-day fast on Mt. Kurama.  On the 21st day he received a spiritual awakening and had visions of many symbols.  Afterward, he stubbed his toe on his way down the mountain.  Upon grabbing his toe with his hand, he discovered his healing abilities. 

                Usui went to the poor and offered them healing, but they kept coming back needing more healing because they didn’t change the way of life that was making them sick.  He then decided that for Reiki to be lastingly effective there must be some sort of exchange.  At that point he began charging money for healing sessions and attunements and opened his clinic. 

                This is only a very brief summary of Madam Takata’s story as I have learned it.  More detailed versions can easily be found with an online search engine and in numerous books about Reiki.  It’s interesting to learn about the history of this healing modality that has done so much to change my life.  I hope you will continue to educate yourself as more information is made available to us. 

3 Steps to Attune an Object with Reiki by Pat Gray

 Reiki is the ancient Japanese practice of balancing energy, and can also be used to “charge” or “empower” objects with healing, protective, positive energy. These objects can then be given as gifts to someone who needs a bit of a boost, used to increase the effectiveness of a healing session or placed around the home for protection or to improve situations. Any object can be charged – your car, a crystal or stone, your home, jewelry, a piece of paper with an affirmation.

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The Healing Power of Living the Reiki Principles

Master Usui titled the Reiki Principles, The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness/The Miraculous Medicine of All Diseases.  That double title is very fitting.  The Principles are a guide to living that can brings us peace and contentment.  When we attain the inner peace that comes with living life by the Principles, much of the inner turmoil that is at the core of our physical dis-ease will dissipate.  Whereas hands on Reiki helps to treat dis-ease once it has set in, I have come to think of the Reiki Principles as preventative care.  They help us to live in such a way that we can stay in alignment with a healthy and happy life, minimizing our chances of becoming ill in the first place. 


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Making the Connection for Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is really not an accurate term.  I believe it would be more accurate to call it Connection Reiki.  When a practitioner “sends distance Reiki” what they are actually doing is tapping into their connection with a person or situation despite the physical distance and/or linear time. 

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Reiki Shower Sessions

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time to fit in self-Reiki treatments?  I think we have all been there.  Life just seems to get in the way, and we end up putting off self-care activities until there is more time.  I have discovered many ways to fit a little Reiki into my day here and there.  One of my favorites ways is to perform Reiki Shower Sessions. 

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Reiki Healing and Training for Children

If you have children, I encourage you to introduce them to Reiki while they are young and if they have an interest, help them to train to be practitioners themselves.  Children are so open to new things and the magic of Reiki fits well into their lives.  Their open minds and imaginations give them an advantage over adults who have learned to be skeptical and doubt what they cannot see. 

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Reiki Circle Opening Meditation

After looking around for a good meditation to use, I decided to write it myself this month.   To prepare, I took some time to center myself and activate Reiki with gratitude and intention.  I used the power symbol to help charge my energy, the mental/emotional symbol to get into my creative zone, and the distance/connection symbol to connect with divine guidance for inspiration.  I wanted to share the results with you.

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Reiki Healing for Domestic Abuse

I had a discussion with a woman who told me that the abuse wasn’t that big a deal.  It was normal.  All men hit eventually.  Either that or it must be her.  It always happens to her.  It must be something about her that causes it.  Her fault.  It broke my heart to hear.

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1 Way to Tell if You Are Meant to Be a Healer

As a Reiki Master, part of my job is to train others in Reiki.  I want to help fellow Masters spread this wonderful modality throughout the world.  I want to help people discover Reiki and what it can do for them.  In my endeavor to reach students, I asked myself what it means to be a healer and what clues are there to let a person know if it is the right path for them. 

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Reiki Explained: What It is and What It is Not

Reiki has become a fairly common practice in many parts of the Western World.  There are still places, however, where it is largely unknown.  In the Midwestern United States, many people have never even heard of Reiki, let alone have any idea what it is.  As a Reiki practitioner in Missouri, I often have to explain to people exactly what it is I do and answer the question; what is Reiki?

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What is the Deal with Reiki Attunements?

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to Usui Reiki attunements.  Do I really need an attunement to practice Usui Reiki?  Do I need to be attuned to Animal Reiki to treat animals?  There are so many types of Reiki, do I need to be attuned to them all?  Do distance attunements work?  Can I download my attunement automatically by reading a book about Reiki or by watching an attunement video on YouTube?  These are a few questions about attunements that I hear regularly. 

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You Have the Power to Heal Yourself

Life force energy surrounds and permeates all things.  This is the premise of any energy healing system.  This truth is what makes it all work.  And since life force energy is everywhere, it is freely available to us all.  You don’t have to be trained or attuned in any particular system in order to have access to this energy. 

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The 7 Major Chakras

Becoming familiar with your energy body can give you a clearer understanding of the steps you need to take to keep yourself well balanced and healthy. Today, I’d like to talk about Chakras. The Chakras are the part of our energy body that processes the natural energy flow; the Ki.  Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit.  When the Chakras are blocked or receiving too much or too little energy to keep the flow balanced, our emotional, mental, and physical health can be affected.  It is believed that there are seven major Chakra’s in our energy body. 

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Finding Fibromyalgia Relief with Reiki

Four years ago, it was not uncommon to find me laying in the fetal position on my floor, crying in pain and frustration.  When I was 24, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  At that time, I had pain in the classic tender points that help to define the condition and unexplained, arthritis type pain in my arms, hands, legs and feet.  As time went by the conditioned worsened, and by the time I was 34, there I could be found, curled up on the floor crying. 

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