Magical Metaphysics


When a lot of people hear the term metaphysics, they think of people and objects claiming magical powers.  While some subjects that seem to be magical in nature are in the realm of metaphysics, it goes much deeper than that. I think that anyone who has an interest in energy medicine should have at least a basic understanding of  what metaphysics is.  I'm currently taking an introductory course in metaphysics and would like to share with you what I'm learning from Reiki Master Dave Scarborough at Universal Class.    

 There are many ideas and definitions of Metaphysics because it pertains to such abstract and unknown issues.  Metaphysics is the science of what exists beyond what we know as physics.  The literal definition of the word metaphysics is "beyond physics." It asks questions about the ultimate source and reality of all that is.  For example, is there a god, do we have souls, and is the unfolding of our lives the result of our free will and random or guided and predetermined? Due to the nature of these questions and our current scientific limitations many believe these questions will never have proven answers.  I believe that as we evolve  intellectually, and with the raising of the collective consciousness, the answers may not be so impossible to find.  

 There are three primary types of metaphysics.  Academic Metaphysics began with the ideas of Aristotle.  It is the philosophical approach to understanding the origin and function of existence.  Popular Metaphysics includes the areas of Mysticism, to do with the unity of all things to an ultimate source of love, and Occultism, to do with knowledge and perception from beyond our physical senses (extrasensory perception).  Pure and Applied Metaphysics has to do with theory and praxis of metaphysics.  Metaphysical theory is the knowledge gained by philosophical questioning.  Metaphysical praxis is the meaningful application of that knowledge in life.

We have all pondered metaphysical questions at some point in our lives.  There is no one who goes through life without wondering about the reality of themselves and the world around them.  From indoctrinated philosophers, to energy workers, to the average person contemplating their own existence, metaphysics will touch us all.