4 Steps for Manifesting Love


As I scroll through social media feeds, I often see posts from people who are desperately lonely.  They are seeking love and friendship to bring them fulfillment.  Many of them think that if they can just find the right person, their world will brighten up and everything will get better.  Instead of just waiting to find Mr. or Mrs. Right for things to get better, I offer the following suggestions to manifest more love in your life.

1.        Make a list of everything you want in a partner. Really think about this and put some time into it.  Don’t focus on physical attributes.  Focus on the personality traits you want them to have, the interests, the attitudes, and morals.  Include the way you want them to treat you and the kind of things you want to do together.  The more details the better.

 2.       Evaluate your alignment with your list.  Go over each item on your list and ask yourself if it is a quality that you have or that will compliment your own qualities in some way.  Be very honest about this.  If it is not a quality that you possess or that would compliment you, ask yourself why it is important to you and what changes you can make to better align yourself with it.  This can take some hard work and commitment. 

 For instance, if you put down that you want someone who is honest, really examine how honest you are.  Are you always honest with yourself and others?  Do you tell small lies to make people feel better or to keep them from thinking badly of you?  If honesty is important to you in a partner, make sure that you make it a priority in yourself.  Make a commitment to always telling being truthful.  What we put out into the world, we attract back to ourselves. 

 3.       Date yourself.  Take time to get to know yourself.  Try new things and find out what you really enjoy and what’s important to you.  Fall in love with yourself.  Treat yourself with the love and respect you wish to get from others.  This will attract more love to you.  When you love yourself you also set higher standards and healthier boundaries for yourself within relationships.  If you love yourself, you also have more love to offer someone else. 

Most importantly, when you love yourself, you know you will always have a love you can depend on.  You can’t control other people, their emotions, or their actions.  As much as we would all like to find one true love that we can always count on, the only way to be really sure of that is if we give ourselves that love.  When we do that, no matter what happens to us in our relationships or our lives, we will have what it takes to make it through it. 

 4.       Be patient.  Love will come to you naturally.  While you are waiting you should be so busy refining your desires, improving your romantic alignment, and dating, and loving yourself that you have little to no time to feel lonely.  You should be going out and meeting people and doing things.  And when the time is right, it will happen.  Or maybe it won’t, but you will have your own love, so life will be wonderful anyway. 

If you are lonely, please try taking these steps and see how it works out for you.  I would love to hear it goes.  I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. 

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