3 Steps to Transform Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is a belief we have taken on over time that sets false limitations upon us.  Limiting beliefs usually begin to develop during early childhood.  Often, they are the result of ideas and opinions of others being forced upon us.  We were told we what we could and couldn’t do and how the world works and what to expect from it from the people that we looked up to and trusted to guide us.  However good intentioned they may have been, most caregivers will inevitably pass on some type of limiting beliefs to their charges.  This is just a consequence of their attachment to their own beliefs.  It is not something to be judged as good or bad, it just is. 

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5 Steps Towards Financial Abundance that Don’t Require a Large Investment

5 Steps Towards Financial Abundance

5 Steps Towards Financial Abundance

I have noticed a trend among life coaches and spiritual influencers pushing people to spend money they don’t feel they can afford to spend.  They promise that by giving them money you are giving off an energetic match for gaining money and that the rewards will be worth far more than the investment.  Spirit or the angels or the stars would not have led you to them if you weren’t meant to take this step.  Do it, do it, and you too will become rich.  It makes me think of the late-night infomercials I used to watch while up breastfeeding my first born in the middle of the night.  Give me your money, and I’ll teach you the secret of making money by asking people to give it to you so that they too can learn the secret of making money. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do fully believe that we can influence our financial wellness with the law of attraction.  I believe that it is extremely important to escape a poverty mind-set in order to begin manifesting abundance.  I also believe that when we spend money, we are not only sending it out into economic circulation, but also into an energetic circulation and that the energetic loss will be restored to us in some way or other.  I believe these are truths, but I also believe it is very dangerous to encourage people to experiment with these truths by putting up money that they may need for necessities and that it is just plain wrong to make someone feel that they are their own worst enemy in finding abundance because they are too cautious and careful with their cash.    

The truth is, you don’t have to throw your money at some guru to get over your financial blocks.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a workshop.  It’s okay to start small.  Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank.

1.       Identify your limiting beliefs surrounding money.  What kind of thoughts to you have about money?  Do you believe it is hard to come by or that you will always struggle financially?  Really take some time to think about your beliefs and where they originated. 

2.       Change those limiting beliefs.  Regular use of affirmations is very helpful for this.  Turn the beliefs around.  For example, if you believe money is hard to come by, use the affirmation, “money comes to me easily.”  If the beliefs are very deep seeded, you may need to get some professional support changing them.  This doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Look for books are articles about changing beliefs and practice the exercises they recommend.  If you decide to get a life coach, spend some time looking around to find someone with rates you feel you can afford and who will work with you personally rather than investing in an expensive single day or weekend workshop. 

3.       Be grateful for all the money you have and everything you spend it on.  Take time to feel gratitude every time you spend money, especially when it is on bills and necessities.  Let yourself feel proud to have gotten them paid and thankful for your resources to do so.  Focus on gratitude for what you have and avoid thoughts of what you don’t have.  When you focus on lack, you attract more lack. 

4.       Circulate your money.  As I said above, I do money that when we send money out it goes into an energetic circulation and will find its way back to us in some form or another.  This doesn’t require you to dig too deep, though.  If you have nothing extra to work with after paying bills, then when you pay your bills, do so with the intent of putting that energy into circulation.  Even if you shop thriftily, you can do so with that intent of circulating financial energy.  Donate loose change to your favorite charities or causes.  If you have a little extra and already go out sometimes, maybe try tipping a dollar more than you would have.  If you have worked on your limiting beliefs, you should be able to do this with faith that nothing will be lost.  That faith is the key here.  It doesn’t take spending hundreds of dollars.  Start by spending just a little with the faith it will come back.  They when it does, try a little more.  Work your way up to those big investments and don’t let anyone try to convince you to make them if you don’t feel ready. 

5.       Listen to your higher self.  If you have a nagging feeling that you really need to make an investment, don’t hold back simply out of fear.  Listen to the feeling and figure out a way to make it work.  If you are given an opportunity that sounds great, but everything in you is saying it is not the right time to be spending the money on it, don’t.  You are the greatest expert in your life.  You know what you can handle and what you can’t better than anyone else.  Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.  Trust yourself. 

I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to use them to begin to manifest financial abundance.  An abundant life does not have to be a financial stressor and it is not something you need to pay someone an arm and a leg in order to achieve. 


You Have the Power to Heal Yourself

Life force energy surrounds and permeates all things.  This is the premise of any energy healing system.  This truth is what makes it all work.  And since life force energy is everywhere, it is freely available to us all.  You don’t have to be trained or attuned in any particular system in order to have access to this energy. 

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4 Steps for Manifesting Love

As I scroll through social media feeds, I often see posts from people who are desperately lonely.  They are seeking love and friendship to bring them fulfillment.  Many of them think that if they can just find the right person, their world will brighten up and everything will get better.  Instead of just waiting to find Mr. or Mrs. Right for things to get better, I offer the following suggestions to manifest more love in your life.

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