6 Questions to Help You Cope When You Can’t Heal a Loved One

It is one of the most difficult lessons of helping people as a lightworker.  You learn that you are not a healer to anyone but yourself.  Everyone must do their own work.  By working on your own self-healing you raise the collective vibrations and make things a bit easier in the world and you are able to lead by example and you are in a position to hold space and inspire hope, but you cannot heal anyone else. 

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Reiki Sent – How Fast Can a Distance Treatment be Sent?

Sending Distance Reiki

Sending Distance Reiki

On any given day, you will find multiple requests for free Reiki on the internet.  There is so much suffering in the world and so many people needing help.  After these requests there are streams of replies that all amount to, “Reiki Sent”.  Wonderful.  It is wonderful that so many people are willing to share their practice to help others.  But, are they really sending Reiki?

As a Second-Degree Reiki student, I was taught several methods for sending distance Reiki.  I was also taught that with practice the ability would come almost instantaneously.  I assume that this instantaneous method is what gets sent the most often in these situations.  I would like to share with you my personal opinion of this method of practicing Reiki. 

I do believe there is worth in these treatments.  You can quickly produce the symbols in your mind, reciting their names and connecting with the recipient.  It doesn’t take long to set the intention to send the energy.  However, I think of this method of sending Reiki as being closer to sending prayers than healing.  Without taking the time to focus and get into that zone where we become Reiki and let the energy flow freely through us to our recipient, I feel that what we are really doing is sending a request for Reiki to send itself to the recipient.  Much in the way that some religions will ask God to send healing. 

I do a variation of the same thing myself with my Reiki Box.  This is why I choose to refer to my free Reiki Box offering as Reiki Box Blessings, rather than Reiki Box Healing.  I put multiple names and situations within my box and once a day I draw the symbols over it and spend about 10 minutes channeling Reiki to the contents.  I ask Spirit and my guides to allow Reiki to continue to flow to the people and situations that I have been working with.  I offer this service for free.  It allows me to help several people at once and takes little time or effort.  I work a little and I expect Spirit to bless my recipients by doing the rest.  You can read about how I created my box in my article 5 Steps To Create, Use, And Maintain A Reiki Box.

In contrast, when I send a distance healing session, I do everything I would if my client was in the room with me.  I clear the energy in my space and set the stage, so to speak, with soft music and essential oils, and any crystals I plan to use.  I focus in on the recipient using their name and location, and image if I have it, while I draw and recite the proper symbols.  When the connection feels strong and my higher self has met with theirs, I go through an entire session.  I use a Reiki Surrogate doll for this, going through the scanning process, placing crystals, and doing the hand placements.  I do this because it is easier for me to let my body go through the physical motions, but the real work is being done on a non-physical level.  For me, this is true distance Reiki.  I am opening myself to the energy and becoming one with it and taking the time to focus and channel it through myself to my client.  At the end of the session, I do ask that Reiki continue to flow to my client as long as needed, but I have not left it all up to Spirit and Reiki, I have done my part.  This method takes time and skill and I do charge for it accordingly. 

I believe we are always doing good when we intend to send Reiki to others and that it will always have some benefit for them.  I trust Spirit to help open the recipients of this instant Reiki up to the energy and to help them.  I believe that the more people that send the intentions, the stronger the effect will be.  However, I think that as Reiki Practitioners, when we take the time to connect and channel the energy in a meditative and conscious way, we are personally doing more to help our clients and that they will receive a greater benefit from the treatment. 

Reiki Healing and Training for Children

If you have children, I encourage you to introduce them to Reiki while they are young and if they have an interest, help them to train to be practitioners themselves.  Children are so open to new things and the magic of Reiki fits well into their lives.  Their open minds and imaginations give them an advantage over adults who have learned to be skeptical and doubt what they cannot see. 

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Reiki Healing for Domestic Abuse

I had a discussion with a woman who told me that the abuse wasn’t that big a deal.  It was normal.  All men hit eventually.  Either that or it must be her.  It always happens to her.  It must be something about her that causes it.  Her fault.  It broke my heart to hear.

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Reiki Explained: What It is and What It is Not

Reiki has become a fairly common practice in many parts of the Western World.  There are still places, however, where it is largely unknown.  In the Midwestern United States, many people have never even heard of Reiki, let alone have any idea what it is.  As a Reiki practitioner in Missouri, I often have to explain to people exactly what it is I do and answer the question; what is Reiki?

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You Have the Power to Heal Yourself

Life force energy surrounds and permeates all things.  This is the premise of any energy healing system.  This truth is what makes it all work.  And since life force energy is everywhere, it is freely available to us all.  You don’t have to be trained or attuned in any particular system in order to have access to this energy. 

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Finding Fibromyalgia Relief with Reiki

Four years ago, it was not uncommon to find me laying in the fetal position on my floor, crying in pain and frustration.  When I was 24, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  At that time, I had pain in the classic tender points that help to define the condition and unexplained, arthritis type pain in my arms, hands, legs and feet.  As time went by the conditioned worsened, and by the time I was 34, there I could be found, curled up on the floor crying. 

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