5 Steps to Create, Use, and Maintain a Reiki Box

Reiki Box

Reiki Box

What is a Reiki Box?  A Reiki Box is just as it sounds, a box that you give Reiki to.  You can place the names of people or list situations that you would like to send Reiki to inside the box to send them all energy at once.  This is an effective way to quickly and easily send Reiki to multiple people or situations at time, however I don’t believe that it works in the same way or with quite the same results as a personal, individualized session.

 I think of my own Reiki Box and as a Blessings Box.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a blessing is a “thing conducive to happiness or welfare.”  No matter how it is sent or given, Reiki is always conductive to happiness and welfare.  I never charge for Reiki Box Blessings.  I think of them as prayers in a way, they are requests for Spirit to bring Universal Life Energy to the lives and situations inside.  Use the following steps to create, use, and maintain your own Reiki Box. 

1.       Choose a box.  Any box will do.  I recommend something fairly small so its easy to work with, but large enough to contain anything you may want to add to the box, such as notes, pictures, crystals, etc.  You can buy an elaborately decorated box (I’ve seen some beautiful ones in metaphysical and home décor shops that would work wonderfully), buy a simple box and decorate it yourself, or just look for anything that resonates with you.  I bought the box I use at Dollar Tree in the spring.  It only cost a dollar, but I love the butterfly design, the colors, and the sparkle it has.  I intend to replace it eventually with something I can decorate and put more of my own creativity into, but I am waiting to find another box that calls to me. 

2.       Use Reiki Symbols.  Draw the Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and another Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol on each side and the top and bottom of the inside of the box.  You can either actually write the symbols on the inside of the box with a writing utensil, or you may just draw them energetically with your finger or in your mind if you would rather.  I have drawn them energetically on each side of the box and have drawn them with a pencil on the top and bottom of the box.  This allows you to set the intention to send continuous healing through the box.  If you are a 1st Degree Practitioner, you can skip this step.  You can still use the box to send healing to situations or names you put inside the box using hands on Reiki.

3.       Choose what to put into the box.  I use a small pad of paper to record any situations or people I would like to send Reiki to and put the sheets of paper in the box.  I also write down my personal goals and place them in the box.  I keep an amethyst cluster in my Reiki Box regularly.  I will also place other crystals in the box when I fell moved to do so. 

4.       Give Reiki to the box.   Give the box hands on Reiki for at least 10-15 minutes a day.  If you are an advanced practitioner and used the symbols from step 2, you can set the intention that the flow of Reiki run continuously through the power of the symbols at this time. 

5.       Maintain your box.  I like to clean my box out once a week and get rid of anything I no longer feel needs to be included and add anything new that has come up.  I keep my box in my sacred space and everything there is cleansed regularly with smoke from sage or incense.  

I think a Reiki Box can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s Reiki practice.  Please let me know if you have found this article helpful.  I would also love to hear about any experiences you have had with Reiki Boxes or suggestions you may have regarding them.