Crystal Reiki Home Energy Clearing in 4 Steps


For five years the house sat empty and condemned before my partner began renovating it for his employer.  Before that it had been known to be a drug house with a lot of unsavory activity.  The neighborhood is one of the more questionable in our small town.  When my fiance' suggested we rent the house, I had some misgivings.  We were looking to move, though, and the size was right and rent was low.  I kind of liked the idea of living in a house my love had put so much of his time and energy into.  I really just wasn't sure, but when my fiance' showed me the gorgeous druzy quartz specimen he had found on the property, I took it as a sign I was meant to be there.  That meant a good home cleansing was definitely in order. 

I began to research the use of Reiki and crystals to clear home energies.  I searched several trusted sources online and in published text to get some ideas and a feel for what I may want to do, and then followed my own intuition when it came time to perform the cleansing.  I always find that following intuition is the best thing to do as what works for one practitioner, may not be exactly right for another.  Here is the method I decided to use.

  1. Initial Clearing of the Space- I decided to a quick clearing of the space while it was still empty by smudging each room with sage and marking the Reiki symbols on each corner of the floors in every room.  If you aren’t attuned to the symbols you can channel Reiki to the room with your hands. You can find instructions for various smudging rituals online. I use white sage and fan the smoke onto the walls and through the air in the room. I carry a brass bowl with a large shell fossil under the sage to catch any ash or falling embers. Slightly cracking windows helps with ventilation and energy flow.

  2. Placing Crystals- After moving things into the house, I set up crystal displays in each room based on the type of energy I wanted to bring into that room.  For example one of the stones in my office space is Hematite to absorb electrical energies from the computer, the bedroom has Rose Quartz to enhance loving emotions, and Angelite is displayed in the family room to encourage healthy communication. 

  3. Expressing Gratitude and Setting Intentions- Once all my crystals were placed where I wanted them, I thanked Spirit and my guides for the guidance and the skills I have been gifted and set the intention to clear the energies of the home, to put protections in place, and to invite in abundance in all forms. 

  4. Completing the Clearing- Once again, I smudged each room and all objects within the room with sage, this time drawing the Reiki symbols with the smoke on each wall and on the floors and ceilings.  Again, you can use your hands to channel Reiki to the room if you are not attuned to the symbols. I envision each room filled with a glowing bright light from the symbols.  I then sat in the middle of my home and focused on drawing life force energy into the house and filling each nook and cranny with it's warmth and love.  Afterward I sealed the experience with the Reiki symbol I was taught for ending healing sessions.   

Since the cleansing, my house has felt safer and lighter and is a loving and welcoming space.  If you would like to cleanse your own home, no matter what your particular skill set, I believe you have the power to do so.  I would suggest researching the many possible ways to go about it, ask for spiritual guidance, and then follow your intuition and do what feels right to you.  

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