1 Way to Tell if You Are Meant to Be a Healer

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

As a Reiki Master, part of my job is to train others in Reiki.  I want to help fellow Masters spread this wonderful modality throughout the world.  I want to help people discover Reiki and what it can do for them.  In my endeavor to reach students, I asked myself what it means to be a healer and what clues are there to let a person know if it is the right path for them.  I thought I would write an article with a list of the signs someone may encounter that would let them know if they are meant to be a Reiki practitioner.  I started researching and found that most healers do share a few common traits.

It is common for healers to be highly sensitive people.  We often feel the emotions that others are going through.  It is also common for us to feel that we should help people through those emotions.  Many of us want careers that allow us to serve others and improve their lives.  Another thing many of us have in common is that we’ve faced some really difficult times in our own lives.  This helps us to relate to others who are struggling and since we’ve made it out of our own tough situations, we have some experience for helping get others out f theirs. 

Yes, most healers have quite a bit in common with each other.  I was able to find a lot of information and I could have made a nice long list of things my students could look for and think about when trying to decide if they want to learn to practice Reiki.  But, as I began to really think about what I would write in this article, my vision for it changed.  The thing is, a lot of other people have those same things in common and don’t choose this line of work.  And I’m sure there are plenty of healers who may not fit on any list of typical healer traits. 

I believe the only real way of knowing if the path of a healer might be right for you, is by listening to your intuition.  If upon learning about a healing modality you feel nothing at all or nothing but skepticism or possibly judgement, then it’s probably pretty safe to say that becoming a healer is not for you.  If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t feel true to you, then at this point in time, it isn’t right. 

However, if you learn about some sort of healing modality and even a small piece of you is struck with interest, it is worth checking into further.  Research the modality.  Learn as much as you can about it.  Look it up online, check out some books from the library, or watch some documentaries to get free information about it.  Learn all you can about it for free and then take some time to go within yourself and just listen.  Do you feel called to go further and learn more?  What is your heart telling you? 

Listen to your own intuition.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you are or are not meant to become.  Don’t look for a list to tell you who are or what you are capable of being.  You won’t find the answer in a blog or on someone’s videos.  You don’t need the guidance of a tarot reader or psychic medium.  You just need to take in the information, be still, and listen to your higher self.  You know what it right for you.  Trust yourself.