3 Tips for Teaching Reiki to Kids


I believe children are especially good at learning Reiki because they are so open-minded and often have more faith in the unseen than adults do.  I think that many of us were probably born with healing abilities that society taught us could not be real and so we lost them.  Reiki has given us a system to work with to re-learn how to heal ourselves naturally.  Children have not had time to get so far off track as some older people have, so picking it up come easier. 

                Reiki can be a very valuable skill for children.  It can empower them to deal with their own dis-ease, whether physical or emotional.  It can work as a coping skill when they find themselves in tough situations and there isn’t an adult available to help right away.  Reiki can give them a sense of control in a world where they may feel they don’t have a lot control over their lives. 

                I encourage you to introduce your children to Reiki and if they show an interest in it, offer to teach them more about it.  Take what you know about Reiki and pass it on them.  If you are a Reiki Master, you can attune them when you feel they are ready.  If you are not a Master Practitioner, you can still teach them and have another master attune them.  There are many Reiki Masters that regularly teach and attune children as part of their services.  Here are some tips I have for teaching kids Reiki:

1.       Keep it simple.  Everything we learn while training to become a Reiki practitioner, we can teach to our kids in simplified terms.  Giving them the information in the form of short stories works well.  Ask a lot of questions as you go to clarify that they understand the information you are giving them.  When training my own children, I was talking to my daughter about getting grounded before doing spiritual work.  She looked at me strangely, so I asked her if she remembered what getting grounded meant.  She told me she did but wanted to know why I wanted her to get herself in trouble and not be able to leave the house before she does Reiki. 

2.       Keep it short.  There is a lot of information to absorb about Reiki.  Most of us who learned Reiki in the western part of the world, learned fairly quickly.  Often, we are trained in as little as one weekend.  It is not realistic to expect to keep younger children focused on learning Reiki for long stretches at time.  When working with kids, I don’t stress out about formality.  I take my lead from them and watch their mood and attitude, so I know when best to take breaks or when to go into more detail or to further simplify.  My children and I went over one main concept a day and incorporated the information into our daily routine.  It initially took about a week to go over everything I thought was important for them to know.  I wrote them stories and printed them out so that we could go back and re-read them now and then to refresh the information in their minds. 

3.       Keep it fun.  Learning is always easier when you make it fun.  Try to think of fun activities or experiments for children to do that go along with whatever lesson you are teaching them.  For example, after teaching them about the energy, you can have them experiment with making energy/ki balls.  You could try giving them a gratitude exercise after teaching them the principle to be grateful.  They can practice the hand positions on dolls or pets after learning about them. There are a lot of possibilities, just use your imagination.   

Remember, the absolute best way to teach kids is through example.  Let them see you practicing the Reiki hand positions and living by the Reiki Principles.  Include them in your own daily Reiki routine.  Show them how important it is to you and it benefits your life, and they will likely want to experience it, too. 

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