Why I Charge for Reiki


Charging for Reiki is one of those controversial things that each practitioner will have to form their own opinion on.  On one side of the argument you have those who feel Reiki should always be given free of charge as it comes from energy that the Universe has provided for us all.  On the other, there are those who believe it should never be given away free. 

I would love to be able to give Reiki sessions and training to everyone freely.  I am tempted to offer it whenever I hear of someone going through a particularly rough time, especially if that person is someone I consider a friend.  I have tried to give free sessions and training in the past though, and it doesn’t seem to go well in most cases.  There are three primary reasons that I will charge for Reiki.

  • The energy exchange.  At first, I didn’t really understand this.  I have learned though, that when we are ready to receive, to really make space, we must also give.  What we put out will come back to us.  When someone is unwilling to give, there is little space to receive the full benefit of Reiki. 

  • ·Establishing worth.  When something is given to us freely, we don’t always appreciate it’s true worth.  I think when I give away Reiki for free, I am sending the message that it is of little worth or that I, as a practitioner, am of little worth.  I think it undervalues the time and effort I have put in to learning and building my skills and my practice. 

  • Encouraging commitment.  In my experience, when Reiki is given freely, the recipient often fails to do their part in the healing or learning process.  Since they have given nothing, they may feel they have nothing to lose if they do not actually participate.  It seems that to get the heart and soul really invested, it sometimes takes a material investment for extra incentive. 

Although I found that charging for Reiki is right for me, I do often work without getting any kind of monetary compensation.  Money is never my incentive.  My incentive is always to help others and I find it very rewarding in itself. 

  • I never ask very close friends or family for anything in exchange for Reiki.  The love between us is enough of an energy exchange, they know my worth, and I know their readiness to commit. 

  • ·I volunteer with a hospice to give Reiki to clients and their caregivers.  Helping people transition is something I am happy to be able to do. 

  • I give group Reiki with a local Reiki Circle and we never charge anyone.  This is a good way for people to experience Reiki before making an investment in it. 

  • I offer free Reiki Box Blessings/Healing.  I do this for people who can’t afford to pay anything at all.  I want to help everyone I can, but I can’t afford to give away full sessions without the above conditions of the energy exchange, established worth, and commitment.  My Reiki Box is my way of sending Reiki to many people and situations at a time, and I will offer this service as for as long as I am able to keep up with the requests.   

I understand both viewpoints about charging for Reiki.  I respect each practitioner’s decision about whether to charge for Reiki and how much they will charge.  It took me a couple of years of practicing to figure out what is right for me.  I try to keep my rates affordable and always offer the free Reiki Box Blessings because I want to make Reiki as easily available to those in need as possible.  Please share your thoughts on charging for Reiki.   I would love to read your comments.