Reiki Circle Opening Meditation


I am part of a Reiki Circle that meets once a month.  We spend about an hour learning about a topic that we feel compliments Reiki and then about an hour doing group Reiki healing sessions.  We open the Circle with introductions and a short meditation.  This month, it will be my turn to deliver the opening of the Circle.  I’ve decided to open with a short meditation.

After looking around for a good meditation to use, I decided to write it myself this month.   To prepare, I took some time to center myself and activate Reiki with gratitude and intention.  I used the power symbol to help charge my energy, the mental/emotional symbol to get into my creative zone, and the distance/connection symbol to connect with divine guidance for inspiration.  I wanted to share the results with you.  The following is the meditation that I felt inspired to write. 

Take a moment to get centered in your chair, close your eyes, and let yourself relax.  Become aware of the natural rhythm of your breath. 

As your body becomes more relaxed, notice a light within the room.  This is the light that comes from each of us present here tonight.  As we take notice of this light it begins to grow brighter.  With each breath we exhale we are filling the room with our beautiful, bright light.  The light fills every available space in the room. 

At this time, open yourself to the power of Reiki and our combined intentions.  Invite Reiki to flood into the room and mix with the light.  Bring it in with your intention.  Feel the Reiki energy combing with yours…with ours.  Take a moment to enjoy the feeling.  Let it open your mind, heart, and soul and prepare you for learning and healing. 

When you come back into awareness, the room will retain this powerful energy.  It will be with us throughout the night to support us in learning new things and in offering healing to each other.

When you are ready, let yourself become more aware of your body again.  Move your hands and feet.  Let your body move into a natural stretch.  Open your eyes and be present.

When the meditation is complete each member should be open to receiving the educational and healing gifts of the Circle.  The space in which we are meeting should be cleared and filled with positive energy from our own light and with Reiki.  In fact, some healing will already be taking place just by being present in the room.  I’m really excited to share this with my circle! 

If you decide to use this meditation, please feel free to make any modifications you feel appropriate for you group.  I think personalization is always a good thing when doing spiritual work.  Also, if you decide to use it, I would love to hear how it goes for you, so please share in the comments if you get a chance.

With love and light,