3 Ways to Release Worry

Moss Agate

I have to admit, I am a born worrier.  As a child, I was often told not to be such a "worry wart."  As an adult, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and prescribed medication to control it.  The depression I've been diagnosed with is probably rooted in issues with worry as well.  

  On my spiritual journey, I have made a discovery about worry.  It causes much distress and saves us none.  We are capable of planning and preparing for adverse circumstances without letting ourselves worry about it.  I have this knowledge, but I still struggle with anxiety.  Especially at night, worries will creep up.  What should I blog about?  What if no one ever even reads my blog?  Am I really on the right path?  Am I fooling myself?  Will my romantic relationship stay strong and healthy?  Will my children grow up well and happy?  So...many...worries.   

Each morning I set the intention.  Just for today, I will not worry.  Setting the intention just isn't enough here, though.  This one, I really have to work at.  Here are some ways I have found to release worry throughout the day....and on sleepless nights.   

1.  Meditate.  Acknowledge the worrisome thoughts as they come to your mind, but do not judge them as good or bad thoughts.  See them from a distance.  Notice if they are worries about things that actually have happened or things that might happen in the future.  See them for what they are, accept them, and then let them go.  You've taken in any message they had for you and the worrisome thoughts no longer serve you.  Sometimes it helps me to actually visualize the worry floating away from me and becoming smaller and smaller until it is out of sight.  

2.  Wear or carry Moss Agate.  I find this to be an extremely grounding and comforting stone.  It has a calm energy that promotes balance and stability.  It can calm and release fears and help to overcome negative emotions.  I wear a Moss Agate pendant on days I feel vulnerable to worry and anxiety.  

 3.  Do self-Reiki (if you are attuned) or book a session with a practitioner. Reiki is deeply relaxing for most people and helps to bring a sense of inner peace and calm.  There is a symbol that a 2nd Degree or higher practitioner can use to enhance the feeling of emotional and mental balance.  I concentrate on this symbol and do self-Reiki sessions when I am having a particularly hard time with my anxiety and it helps me tremendously.  

For some of us anxiety is a disorder and even if those worrisome thoughts aren't getting to us, we may still get all the physical symptoms of anxiety.  While the above tips are very helpful and have done wonders for me, I do still take medication to help me out of an anxiety attack and I see a therapist regularly.  Holistic and alternative health modalities work wonderfully in conjunction with regular medical care for those of us who need it. 

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